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The MINI Visual Boost Radio comes with a gorgeous, high-resolution and easy-to-use touchscreen display. It includes a double tuner, plus four mid-range speakers and two central bass speakers. A Bluetooth® hands-free interface and an LED ring around the Centre Instrument are also included. It is easily operated via the MINI Controller in the centre console.


Apple CarPlay® Preparation is the fast and convenient way to wirelessly use your iPhone and your favourite iOS apps safely behind the wheel of your MINI. It is an in-car multimedia hub that takes the things you want to do while driving and puts them in your touchscreen display. So you can get directions, conduct phone calls, receive and send messages, and listen to music – while staying fully focused on the road. It also lets you operate Spotify and selected third party apps. You can control the main functions using your MINI’s Touchscreen controls, the MINI Controller or via Siri voice commands. And you can activate Siri on your iPhone by long-pressing the voice control button on the steering wheel.

Find detailed information on supported apps at – and see how it makes your everyday life better, easier and more connected.

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MINI Online.

MINI Online let you do whatever you want to do and connect with everything that's important to you. Enjoy a whole host of intelligent services and vehicle apps that provide you with information and entertainment throughout your journey. It will also be your enabler to use the new MINI App.
mini connected - online parking information mini connected - online parking information


MINI Online combines numerous services and apps in one neat package to keep you abreast of everything that’s happening around you. It is continuously being updated with new apps as we seek to provide extra functionality and benefits for our users*.


You stay in the picture with the latest news that is continuously updated by Thomson Reuters / CBC / AFP and other news providers*. The content you receive is selected according to your preferred categories, such as business or sport, world and panorama (may vary according to market and language). To ensure you keep concentrating on the road and traffic ahead while you drive, the selected news items can be read out via the text-to-speech audio function if required. You can also save your individual RSS feeds.


We'll keep you informed of the weather you can expect at your destination. If you look under MINI Online in your vehicle, it offers you a detailed daily preview as well as an outlook for the next five days. This includes morning, midday, evening, night, rain probability, wind speed and direction, humidity, and “feels like” temperature. In some countries it also offers Air Quality Index, too.


Read about driving restrictions and rules by country. Find out about speed limits, mandatory equipment and special rules.


Find parking possibilities at places nearby or at certain locations. Find out about opening hours, availability and pricing (if data is available).


As part of the weather app, this shows an overlay map with preciptations for chosen locations, e.g. it tells you when rain is approaching your current location or destination.


Search and find any point of interest within a few seconds. You can also look up location-based services. Results are shown with address, phone numbers and distances from specific locations. Additional information like ratings and reviews (if available), opening hours and images are also provided where possible.


Search for and read Wikipedia articles related to places nearby or specific locations. You can decide what you want to know. The apps in your MINI are there for you with all the answers.

*Some apps and services are country specific.

mini connected - spotify mini connected - spotify


MINI and Spotify give you access to all the music you’ll ever need, via your MINI sound system. Just connect the free Spotify iPhone® app to your MINI Connected system, and enjoy 30 million songs as well as Spotify radio. You can make your own playlists, too, so that you now have the perfect music for any journey. Control your Spotify music completely through MINI Connected and avoid the distraction of your phone.
mini connected - md ranger speaker mini connected - md ranger speaker


In addition to the already impressive speaker system fitted as standard in your vehicle, the MINI Connected Media and higher packages give you two additional mid-range speakers. These are fitted into the front door panels to deliver a smoother, clearer sound to help make your drive as safe and comfortable as possible with easy volume control and voice command features.
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mini connected - remote services mini connected - remote services


Remote Services enables you to access your MINI and activate some of its functions with your phone from a distance using the MINI App. This means you can locate your vehicle. You can lock and unlock the doors remotely. And you can also activate the air conditioning or ventilation from a distance, too, to make sure it's exactly as you like it before you head off – and much more. You can do all this and more with the MINI App.


mini connected - navigation system mini connected - navigation system


The MINI Navigation System gives you route navigation that leads you to your destination through a combination of voice commands, map displays and arrow indicators on a high-quality, high-resolution easy-to-use Touchscreen display. It lets you pinch and zoom the app to give you a clear, detailed view of your route. The system also offers you night mode, Real-Time Traffic Information (optional) and a Points of Interest search function to guide you quickly and safely to your destination. The system is operated via the MINI Controller with map updates available via over-the air or USB. All in all, it turns your MINI Visual Boost radio into an expert guide.

mini connected - traffic information mini connected - traffic information


Stay one step ahead of the traffic and avoid delays thanks to Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI) and MINI Connected's navigation system. It alerts you about accidents, traffic jams and roadworks ahead. RTTI helps you find the fastest routes and steer clear of any holdups. It keeps you updated on the traffic situation on all key roads and motorways. It calculates what delays can be expected and suggests detours so you can react in good time.

Select ‘Navigation’ in the main menu, then choose ‘Map’. Traffic conditions are displayed in colours under ‘Map views’. Green indicates no problems. Yellow is for slow traffic. Orange is for stop-and-go. Red signals stationary traffic. A yellow or red warning appears in ‘Traffic information’ the moment there is news available for a specific route. Details of the delay and possible detours are provided when clicking on ‘Traffic information'.

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mini connected - intelligent emergency call mini connected - intelligent emergency call


If you are not able to directly call for help in an accident, it’s good to know that MINI can. With the optional, intelligent Emergency Call system, your MINI automatically sends a distress call to the locally available mobile services. A SIM card and integrated telematics unit transmit relevant data such as the exact GPS coordinates of your MINI, chassis number (VIN), type of collision (e.g. whereabouts of impact), status of airbags and seatbelts, number of passengers and direction of travel. Specially trained personnel will then establish contact with you, inform the appropriate emergency services so that help can reach the scene as fast possible. They will give you support by telephone – in your own language wherever possible. This function can also be activated manually.
MINI - Teleservices - Info Screen MINI - Teleservices - Info Screen


Trying to remember service appointments now is a thing of the past. Thanks to Teleservices, your MINI automatically knows when routine or unscheduled maintenance is required, and it provides you and your preferred MINI Service Partner with all the relevant information.

mini connected - natural language unterstanding mini connected - natural language unterstanding


You can speak to your MINI in your natural speaking voice. The Natural Language Understanding has a processing speed of just a few seconds and can recognise your normal voice. So you can interact with your MINI with your voice – and interrupt it if you wish. You can even ask it to do things like: "show me the fastest way home." It’s the perfect way to control many of your phone’s functions so you can keep your hands on the wheel and eyes safely on the road.
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mini connected - concierge services mini connected - concierge services


It's late in the evening and you're looking for a chemist, a special restaurant, an ATM, or you need to book a hotel. Just press “Concierge Services” in the MINI Connected navigation menu and one of your 'Personal Assistants' will be contacted via a cost-free call through a pre-installed SIM card. You don’t need to use your own phone. Our Concierge Services team provides a fast, location-based service and will search for – and research – any points of interest for you, in person, 24/7. Addresses and other details will be transferred directly to your MINI’s navigation system.

mini connected - hands free telephony mini connected - hands free telephony


The standard Bluetooth® system allows you to enjoy hands-free calling. Two mobile phones Your mobile phone can be connected to your MINI via Bluetooth® to make and receive calls without your hands ever leaving the wheel. You simply use the steering wheel buttons or voice control. What’s more, a second built-in microphone on the passenger side ensures optimised sound clarity throughout the interior of your MINI. The inductive coupling with your car's external aerial enables the mobile reception to be at least as good as it is outside the vehicle.

mini connected - front armrest mini connected - front armrest


The front armrest (with storage compartment) is as practical as it is comfortable. Ergonomically designed, it provides easy access to the MINI Controller. The armrest folds down and can be fixed in several positions. Furthermore, it houses the optional available sturdy wireless docking system which, equipped with a telephone-specific adapter, perfectly integrates QI-enabled smartphones into your vehicle, for secure storage and fast, optimised charging.

mini connected - wireless charging mini connected - wireless charging


The MINI Wireless Charging tray, located in the centre armrest, lets you securely store and safely charge any QI-enabled smartphone as you drive – while keeping your cockpit cable-free. As soon as you place your phone in the charging station, your battery automatically gets a top up. Once docked, an LED light will indicate that your phone is connected and charging. The charging tray also enables your phone to obtain the best possible network reception, as it connects your phone via inductive coupling to the external aerial. Please check with your authorised MINI dealer for compatibility details. Please also be aware that this charging tray should only be installed by a trained technician at a specialist workshop. Your local MINI Centre will be able to assist with the installation.

mini connected - interfaces mini connected - interfaces


The USB connection at the base of the central console is effectively an auxiliary input (and charger) that enables you to directly control and play music players, files on memory sticks and smartphones. Connecting devices to the USB interface is simple and straightforward – depending on the equipment – and can be carried out using your original USB cables or a MINI cable adapter available as an accessory.

The Connected Navigation Plus package provides two USB ports/interfaces next to each other in the centre console: a Type A/1.5A and a Type C port with 3A for extra fast charging of mobile devices, enabling you to use and charge two smartphones (or other devices) at the same time.

mini connected - controller mini connected - controller


Located in the centre console, the MINI Controller allows you to easily navigate through all your MINI Connected features and functions by turning, pressing, tilting the dial. A small representation of the controller appears in your Touchscreen display so you can easily see where you are within MINI Connected and what you are doing. There are also direct selection buttons for Media, Telecommunication, Main Menu, Radio and Map Menu. An option key opens a context-sensitive settings page, and pressing Back takes you to the last page selected.
mini connected - bluetooth hands free interface mini connected - bluetooth hands free interface


The Bluetooth® hands-free interface integrates compatible, Bluetooth®-enabled smartphones wirelessly and intelligently to your MINI’s system and, of course, the intuitive display and control options. This means you can directly access the most important data and functions of your phone or device inside your MINI. It is extremely safe and comfortable to use as it can be operated by the MINI Controller, the multifunctional steering wheel or by voice control.

mini connected - bluetooth audio streaming mini connected - bluetooth audio streaming


Bluetooth® audio streaming allows the Bluetooth® hands-free interface to wirelessly transmit music data to your MINI’s audio system. This is possible with the Radio MINI Visual Boost and all MINI Connected package options. Depending on the equipment installed, the mobile phone can be operated by the MINI Controller, the multifunctional steering wheel or by voice control.

mini connected - leather sports steering wheel mini connected - leather sports steering wheel


Soft to the touch, this ergonomically shaped sports steering wheel with contrast stitching in petrol offers an especially good grip and lends your interior a confident, sporty character. The multifunction options put a variety of easy-to-use telephone, voice and audio controls at your fingertips as well as features such as cruise control.
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MINI Connected – MINI Connected app icon – Remote services MINI Connected – MINI Connected app icon – Remote services



MINI Connected is a suite of intelligent functions and services, including the MINI App, that connects you and your passengers to your MINI, linking you up securely and seamlessly with your world around you. It helps make your everyday life more convenient. And makes driving safer – and more fun.
mini connected - connectivity mobile mini connected - connectivity mobile
MINI Connected – touchscreen – multimedia MINI Connected – touchscreen – multimedia
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Engage the power of premium technology with MINI Connected. From the convenience of remote controls and send-to-car functionality to emergency calling, it boasts a whole host of exciting features and applications that connect you to your MINI. They are grouped in three different packages. Find the one most suitable for you.
MINI Connected – MINI App – Icon MINI Connected – MINI App – Icon



Get closer than ever to your MINI with the MINI App. Access a world of connections and convenience from anywhere and at anytime using your smartphone.
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Here you can discover other apps, features and services available for MINI Connected and get something new for your MINI you’ve always wanted to try.
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