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Service and Repair

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SOMETHING YOU CAN RELY ON. Our commitment to quality and driver satisfaction is exemplified by our standard three-year warranty without mileage limitation. In additional all MINI vehicles has a warranty for the anti-corrosion of 12 years and three years for the paintwork. So you are definitely on the safe side.


1. MINI warrants that the new vehicle purchased is not flawed in terms of materials and labor in the manufacturing process for a period of 3 years (With the option to purchase warranty extension package for up to 5 years). The warranty period starts from the first day a car is delivered to a customer. The terms and conditions do not limit the distance that the vehicle has traveled over the period. In case of a test drive, the warranty period starts from the first day the car was driven, either for the purpose of demonstration or a test drive.

For MINI Electric, MINI (Thailand) offers unlimited mileage warranty for a period of 4 years. In addition, customer may purchase unlimited mileage warranty extension package for up to 6 years.

2. MINI will maintain the vehicle within the limit of warranty. The decision to fix, change or maintain any parts is up to the judgment of MINI. Any part permanently removed from the vehicle will become the property of MINI. 

3. The warranty guarantees that any replacement parts will be without manufacturing flaws, and this guarantee lasts until the end of the original warranty period. 

4. The vehicle may be brought in for service at any MINI Authorized Dealer at your convenience. 

5. This warranty is related to the car, not the owner. Therefore, when the vehicle is sold to the next owner, he / she may enjoy the unexpired period of the warranty.

6. The warranty does not cover the following details:

  • Mistreatment of the vehicle, carelessness, accidents.
  • If the vehicle was maintained by a service station other than by a MINI Authorized Dealer.
  • Faults which arise as a result of misuse, negligence, accidents or normal wear-and-tear.
  • Faults which arise as a result of the vehicle being used for racing, rallies or similar competitive sports or, if your MINI has been modified without the MINI consent, then your warranty will be void automatically.

7. If servicing has been carried out by a non-authorized service station, MINI reserves the right to reject any claim where it is felt that the cause of the defect is due to the use of non-approved MINI parts or inadequate servicing or repair by a non-authorized service station. 

8. MINI car has been designed and built to extremely high standards to achieve optimum performance and economy. Neither MINI nor the manufacturer can be held responsible for modifications to the vehicle which lead to defects, unless those modifications have been approved by the manufacturer or MINI. 

9. Consequential loss as a result of a warranty problem is not covered. The vehicle owner should ensure that adequate insurance coverage for the loss or damage of personal belongings, property, etc. has been made. 

10. We understand that a defect might come to light after your official warranty has expired. In the interests of customer satisfaction may we ask that you bring such a situation to the attention of your MINI Authorized Dealer, so that full consideration can be given to the matter.

Remark: Terms and conditions can be changed without prior notice.

MINI Warranty
MINI Warranty

Tires are warranted by their respective manufacturer for defects in material and workmanship. Terms and conditions are as specified by the manufacturer. Your MINI Authorized Dealer will submit claims to them on your behalf, should the need arise. 

Adjustment work can be done within the warranty period. This does not include a routine inspection and/or maintenance. 

MINI approved parts which are purchased and fitted outside the warranty period have a 24-month unlimited mileage warranty. Please keep your receipts within the warranty period for faster service and claims. 

The paintwork warranty covers your vehicle against defects such as blistering, discoloration or staining on the visible surface of all painted body panels occurring as a result of faulty manufacturing or workmanship for a 3-year warranty period without any mileage limitation. 

Wheel alignment, balancing wiper blade inserts are covered for the first 2 months or 2,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

MINI Warranty MINI Warranty


1. All new MINI cars are covered by a 12-year anti-corrosion warranty against perforation by rust. 

2. All repair work carried out under the 12-year anti-corrosion warranty must be carried out by a MINI Authorized Dealer. 

3. The warranty covers corrosion which occurs from inside the metal panels or box sections of the car. 

4. This warranty does not cover corrosion caused by neglect, accident damage, stone chips or other external influences. 

5. Your vehicle should be inspected at normal service intervals as recommended. 

6. Paint or body damage identified by the MINI Authorized Dealer during these inspections, including any to the underside or underbody protection of the vehicle, must be properly repaired according to MINI standards. 

7. Claims cannot be accepted for perforation that occurs as a result of unrepaired or improperly repaired paint or body damage. 

8. Vehicles which undergo major accident repair work during the first 12 years are still covered by the warranty provided:

  • The correct MINI corrosion prevention methods are used. 
  • The repair work is carried out by a competent repairer to MINI repair standards. 

9. The warranty does not apply to parts, panels or materials that have not been approved by MINI, and the MINI Authorized Dealer reserves the right to refuse claims where defects have occurred as a result of their usage. 

10. Repair work to the area of your vehicle that has been affected by an accident should ideally be carried out by a MINI approved bodyshop. This way you can be certain that your vehicle will be rebuilt to original standards of safety and quality. You can also be confident that the integrity of your anti-corrosion warranty will remain intact.