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MINI Roadside Assistance Program.


There for you wherever you need us.

Nothing beats driving down a great stretch of road in your MINI for peace of mind and adventure. But occasionally, something unforeseen might occur. At MINI, we believe that the perfect experience goes hand in hand with worry free driving. And that’s where our MINI Roadside Assistance service comes in.

We designed it to give you comprehensive support and complete confidence. Whether breakdown or accident, one single call to one number is all it takes. You can rely on our specialists to solve the problem swiftly and reliably and enable you to continue your journey. So you can drive your MINI secure in the knowledge that help is just a phone call away – 24 hours a day, every day.

MINI owner calling MINI Breakdown Assistance.


With all new MINI models, a free membership of 5-year MINI Mobility Service is included with your purchase. After the membership has expired, you can renew your membership status by contacting our MINI Mobility Service Center. However, the service is available to anyone driving a MINI, both members and non-members. 


1-800-334-455 (TOLL FREE NUMBER)
1-401-334-455 (MOBILE NUMBER) 

These hotline numbers will always connect you quickly to the MINI Mobility Service Center. Please have your vehicle information such as model, license plate, chassis number available when you call. 

Our call center specialists are ready to help you with advice when you contact us. If you need help on the spot, the Emergency Roadside Assistance is dispatched immediately with the necessary equipment for professional breakdown assistance. Trained MINI Mobility Service technicians will do all they can to get your vehicle back on the road.



All members of MINI Mobility Service are entitled to following benefits:

• 24 hour access to free technical advice in the event of an accident or breakdown. 

• Unlimited number of Emergency Roadside Assistance requests free of charge. 

• Free Emergency Towing for an unlimited distance to the nearest MINI Authorized Dealer. 

• Free Emergency Towing up to a distance of 20 kilometers to any destination other than MINI Authorized Dealer. A charge 
of 25 baht per kilometer is applicable for distances beyond this and charges for any additional kilometers are the customer's responsibility. 


• “Mistakenly Locked” vehicle: If a spare key is located within a 20 kilometer radius, Mobility Services will organize for the spare key to be collected and brought to the vehicle location. For the distance exceed 20 kilometer, a charge of 25 Baht per kilometer will apply. Alternatively, if customer do not have spare key, locksmith service is available free of charge once per year.   If the vehicle need to reproduce new key, customer will be responsible for the cost of new Key. 


• In case where the vehicle runs out of fuel, MINI Mobility Service will provide up to 10 liters of free fuel to enable the customer to reach the nearest gas station. This service is free only once per year and when this service is used - on subsequent occasions within the same year, the cost of fuel will be charged to the customer. 


Non-members can request emergency assistance with the following service charges:

• Emergency Roadside Assistance - Non-members are charged 900 baht per service. 

• Emergency Towing - Non-members are charged at a standard rate of 2,100 baht, which covers the first 25 kilometers of towing. A charge of 25 baht per kilometer applies to distances beyond 25 kilometers.


MINI replacement vehicle service.

• Any expenses incurred without the prior authorization of MINI Mobility Service. 

• Expenses that would normally have been paid by the car owner, such as fuel and toll charges. 

• The cost of replacement parts. 

• Vehicle problems resulting from accidents and natural disasters. 

• Any costs resulting from participation in motor racing, rallies, speeding or tests. 

• Any costs resulting from the vehicle being kept in an unroadworthy condition. If the car owner continually fails to keep their vehicle in a roadworthy condition, MINI Mobility Service reserves the right to revoke the customer's coverage. 

• Any costs resulting from the driver being under the influence of intoxicating liquor, impairing medicine or controlled substances. 

• Any consequential losses arising directly or indirectly from the immobilization.





1. All vehicles must be properly licensed to be eligible for service, 

2. The member's vehicle displacement must occur on a public thoroughfare, street, highway, road, public or private parking lot. Service on logging roads, beaches, barricaded construction areas, racing tracks and restricted service roads is not covered under the MINI Mobility Service. 

3. Coverage will be provided for vehicles which have become mechanically disabled. Repair costs, battery charging, tire rotation and costs for any spare parts are not covered under the MINI Mobility Service. 

4. Service will be provided except when it is too dangerous for the service vehicle to operate because of prevailing weather or road conditions. 

5. The cost for the use of more than two service persons or vehicles is not covered under the MINI Mobility Service. 

6. Service does not cover the following:

• Ferry, bridge, or toll way charges for the vehicle are the responsibility of the member/non-member. 
• Towing of a vehicle from a MINI Authorized Dealer. 
• More than 1 service call per disablement. 
• The cost of parts, supplies or materials. 
• Fines or impound towing charges due to violation of the law. 
• Towing by any party other than an authorized service provider. 
• Assistance from private citizen. 
• Services outside the geographical borders of Thailand.

7. Towing service is provided if the vehicle cannot be started or driven safely under its own power. 

8. Additional charges for the towing of vehicles which have been altered to the extent that they require special procedures and/or equipment that normally require for the towing of an unaltered vehicle, are the responsibility of the number. 

9. For any service provided by independent contractors, MINI Mobility Service cannot assume any liability for any loss or damage resulting from the rendering of such service.