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Service and Repair

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A privilege for MINI owner. Service Inclusive program ensures the smoothest ride regardless of which route you take without the need to worry about the maintenance costs for up to 5 years or 100,000 kilometers (whichever comes first). Your car will be ensured to serve with excellent hands. You can rest assured that your MINI car will be serviced with precision and will be repaired with genuine MINI Parts. These privilege can be claimed at MINI Authorized Dealers countrywide.


1. The right to these privileges can be claimed at MINI Authorized Dealers or MINI Service Authorized Workshops in Thailand within the first 3 years or 5 years of the initial registration date or within 60,000 km or 100,000 km (whichever comes first) depending on the Service Package customer purchased. 
2. If the vehicle is sold during the term of validity, the right to these services will be transferred to the next owner of the vehicle. 
3. The service includes maintenance on the standard vehicle as follows:

3.1 Engine-oil change and new oil top-ups
3.2 Microfilter
3.3 Air filter
3.4 Fuel filter
3.5 Spark plugs
3.6 Brake fluid
3.7 Brake pads, front and rear
3.8 Brake discs, front and rear
3.9 Clutch (if worn)
3.10 Windscreen wiper blades (once a year)
3.11 Service vehicle check


4. Your vehicle must be properly used and maintained throughout the period of Service Inclusive and/or shelf life according to MINI specifications. If servicing has been carried out by a non-authorized service station, MINI reserves the right to reject any claim where it is felt that the cause of the defect is due to the use of non-approved MINI parts or inadequate servicing or maintaining by a non-authorized service station.


Remark: Terms and conditions can be changed without prior notice.