MINI RE-FINANCING. MINI Financial Services offer a variety of refinancing options and can help you get the refinance loan you need and provide you with extra cash and improve your personal cash flow.

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  • What?

    If you are looking for a loan with a maximum repayment period up to 60 months and get competitive interest rates, step into MINI Financial Services and let our friendly Finance & Insurance Specialist take care of you.

  • Privileges

    •  Get a better credit line up to 100% of your outstanding loan


    •  Competitive interest rates


    •  Flexible installment periods up to 60 months

  • How it works?

    Four easy steps get the MINI Refinancing.


    Step I: Complete the application form

    At MINI Dealership, you will find the Finance & Insurance Specialist who has extensive expertise in refinancing. They will talk you through the program and provide you necessary information you need to make the decision. Once you have decided to apply for MINI Refinancing you are required to complete the application form.


    Step II: Ensure you have the necessary documents

    As part of the application process, you will need to submit all the documents to MINI Financial Services

    • A certified copy of ID card (Copy of Passport Photo Page and Expiry Date
    • A certified copy of House Registration Certificate
    • Copy of Pay-Slip ( last month) / Salary Confirmation Letter
    • Copy of Bank Savings Account and/or Current Account (6 months and
    update within 1 month)
    • Original Car Registration booklet.


    Step III: Complete the agreement

    If we accept your MINI Refinancing application, the Finance & Insurance Specialist will print an agreement. You will need to check and sign the agreement.


    Step IV: Getting an agreement easy

    Once you've signed the finance agreement, you will be given a copy for your reference. We will transfer money to your bank account or provide you the cheque.

    Shortly after this, we will send you a Welcome Pack which contains everything you need to know about your agreement plus additional information that might be of interest.