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When you’re behind the wheel of a John Cooper Works, you’re guaranteed thrills worthy of the race track. Our premium performance models are named after the legendary John Cooper – the man who turned the original Classic MINI into the track-ready Mini Cooper and unleashed it onto an unsuspecting racing world. Today, they are the most powerful and exclusive MINI models ever built. And with jaw-dropping performance, upgraded parts and the sportiest looks they’re specially engineered to get your heart racing and adrenalin pumping.

MINI John Cooper Works Hatch.


A classic with an impressive rally legacy. As the direct descendant of John Cooper’s winning cars, our MINI John Cooper Works Hatch will speak to your inner racer. It effortlessly brings together power, agility and depth of engineering. And with its short wheel base the go-kart feeling is taken to the extreme so you will start looking forward to every bend in the road.

MINI John Cooper Works Clubman.


In the MINI John Cooper Works Clubman, we’ve blended versatile performance and sophisticated design. With 231 hp under the bonnet and ALL4 all-wheel-drive for extra grip around those exhilarating corners, you won’t have to compromise on any of the MINI John Cooper Works high-octane fun. And with its ample size and the split doors in the back, it’s also flexible enough for any occasion.

Mini Cooper at the Monte Carlo Rally 1965.


John Cooper Works has a history steeped in the indomitable Mini spirit and cult rally success. Pioneering Formula-One car builder, John Cooper, saw huge racing potential in the classic Mini with its revolutionary transverse engine. Just two years after it was introduced, he constructed a racing-class version with a bigger, 55hp (41 kW) engine. Soon Mini was taking the motorsport scene by storm and streaking to victory in many international events.

Founding Father Charles Cooper.


The John Cooper Works story has its beginning in 1946. Charles Cooper and his son John founded the Cooper Car Company and built their first racing cars in Charles' small garage in Surbiton, England. This humble beginning would ultimately change the world of motorsport as we know it and help create a thriving racing legacy in Britain that still exists to this day. Not to mention the profound, evolutionary effect it would soon have on Mini.

Racing Cars by the Cooper Car Company.


The first cars built by the Cooper Car Company were single-seat Formula Three racing cars that were enormously successful in the 500cc class. This was due to their revolutionary innovation: the rear engine. It was stroke of genius that soon made Cooper racing cars the vehicle of choice for aspiring young drivers. After dominating the Formula Three and Formula Two scene, Formula One was the obvious next challenge for the Coopers. Taking on the giants like Ferrari and Porsche, Stirling Moss's victory in the 1958 Argentinean Grand Prix put the small company firmly on the map. In 1959, the same year the first classic Mini was introduced, Cooper went on to win both the coveted Formula One World Championship and Constructors Championship.

Austin Seven Cooper with Cooper 1-litre racing car.


After enjoying considerable success with his own car constructions, John Cooper became fascinated with the newly introduced classic Mini. Intrigued by its potential, he envisioned turning it into a champion racer. With the addition of a more powerful engine, twin carburettors, new brakes, sharper steering and an agile, go-kart-like chassis he had soon transformed this modest little family car into a giant-slaying racing car. In 1961, the first Mini Cooper was born.

Paddy Hopkirk and Henry Liddon with their Morris Mini Cooper S at the Monte Carlo palace.


Now, nothing could hold Mini back. John Cooper’s instinct had once again been spot on. He was the master of his game. A car for the ages had been created. By 1964, MINI Cooper was a globally renowned marque. The classic Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S became world beaters, outracing and outlasting the larger, more powerful sedans of the day. And winning almost every international competition imaginable – including historic wins at the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964 and 1965. In 1966 the Mini once again claimed 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at the Monte Carlo Rally but were disqualified in a controversial decision by the hometown judges for non-standard headlights. But in true Mini style, in 1967 Mini was back on the same track and once again streaked to a win.

Mini Cooper Sports and Mini Cooper racing version.


During the 1980s the Cooper Car Company, now run by John's son Mike, started supplying power enhancing tuning kits. These comprised of parts and accessories that greatly boosted the performance of the classic Mini.

MINI Cooper S with John Cooper Works Tuning Kit.


In 2001 Mini joined the BMW Group and was rebranded as MINI. This change brought a great revival of interest in tuning the MINI models and continuing John Cooper Works’s legacy. John Cooper Works MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S Tuning Kits were made available through MINI dealers worldwide from 2003, boosting the output of the MINI Cooper to 126 hp (93 Kw) and the MINI Cooper S to an impressive 200 hp (147 Kw).

MINI Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Kit.


A pre-tuned MINI Cooper S with the John Cooper Works GP Kit was launched in 2006. This new limited edition MINI hatchback delivered breathtaking performance and a unique racing feeling. It was the fastest road-going MINI to date, able to reach 100km/h in just under 6.5 seconds. Only 2,000 were produced. And all in a single unique colour scheme: metallic Thunder Blue with Chili Red Mirrors and a Pure Silver roof where the production number between 1 and 2,000 was displayed.

MINI John Cooper Works.


In 2007, BMW acquired the John Cooper Works brand name, engineering and development resources. And one year later the first two new MINI John Cooper Works were launched: a totally updated version of the hardtop 3-door hatchback and the John Cooper Works Clubman. These powerhouses were equipped with a 1.6 litre four-cylinder engine with Twin Scroll turbocharger and an output of 211 hp (155 kW). A testament to John Cooper’s pioneering spirit and commitment to driving performance. Five years later, in 2013, the limited edition MINI John Cooper Works GP was released boasting a 218-hp turbo-charged four-cylinder engine. Once again just 2,000 of these highly sought-after models were produced. Five years later, in 2013, the limited edition MINI John Cooper Works GP was released boasting a 218-hp turbo-charged four-cylinder engine. Once again just 2,000 of these highly sought-after models were produced.

Rally Dakar - MINI John Cooper Works.


Just like their celebrated predecessors, all the new MINI John Cooper Works models share the same high-performance DNA. Recently, several exciting new John Cooper Works models have been launched including the MINI John Cooper Works Rally – one of the most powerful models ever built. MINI Motorsport teams are once again taking the tracks by storm and with four Dakar Rally wins in a row one thing is clear: the legendary era of MINI and John Cooper is far from over.


MINI John Cooper Works with the 2.0 litre 4-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine.


You’re ready to hit the open road. And with the awe-inspiring torque generated by the 2.0 litre 4-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine you can also hit 100 km/h in a scant 6.1 seconds. A low centre of gravity, high engine speeds and finely-tuned suspension give you maximum go-kart feeling at every corner while high-performance brakes keep you firmly in control at all times. Once you get in, you won’t want to get out again.

The MINI John Cooper Works front bumper with large air intakes plus an additional cooler.


Breathing is key to performance. Which is why we’ve furnished the MINI John Cooper Works front bumper with large air intakes plus an additional cooler to keep your engine and brakes at the ideal temperature for premium performance and durability. And with its awesome racing design and John Cooper Works badge, the brakes and engine aren’t the only things that are cooler than usual.

Specially for MINI John Cooper Works  designed 18” and 19” light alloy wheels to accommodate massive brakes.


John Cooper Works is all about extreme driving and fun at the highest level of precision. But the highest performance demands tight control and stability, especially when you’re driving through bends at higher speeds. So we specially designed the 18” light alloy wheels to accommodate massive brakes. In bold Chili Red with a John Cooper Works badge, the 4 piston fixed caliper brakes provide you with all the stopping power you need for tight turns and fast changes of pace.

MINI John Cooper Works rear spoiler gives an extra aerodynamic edge.


The sporty MINI John Cooper Works rear spoiler gives you an extra aerodynamic edge, reduces drag and exerts downward pressure that keeps the car stuck to the road like glue. As you can see we didn’t just design it to look good. Even though it most definitely does.

The MINI John Cooper Works sport suspension offers perfect handling.


Developed and tested on a variety of racetracks like the Nürburgring Nordschleife, our MINI John Cooper Works sport suspension offers you perfect handling, a remarkably dynamic driving experience and impressive stability. In short, the legendary MINI go-kart feeling taken to the extreme, no matter whether you are driving on the track or your daily route to work.

The MINI John Cooper Works roar reminds of the power at disposal.


From the moment you switch on the engine, the incredible MINI John Cooper Works roar reminds you of the power at your disposal. There is no better sound track to any drive than the deep, throaty growl you get every time you nudge the accelerator. And it only gets better once you switch to Sport Mode.

The MINI John Cooper Works with stainless steel pedal caps.


Our sporty MINI John Cooper Works DNA can be found in every detail, like the stainless steel pedal caps. Particularly durable, particularly sleek and particularly good for putting your foot down flat.

The MINI Driving Modes allows to switch the performance.


Every now and then you have the chance to really let loose. An empty highway, a long tunnel or a windy stretch of country road. The perfect time to switch to Sport Mode. It sharpens the steering and acceleration for sportier, more agile handling. And the sound alone is enough to make you remember why you love driving.


Put on your head phones, turn up the sound and hear the legendary John Cooper Works roar.**


MINI John Cooper Works.


John Cooper Works models are built to thrill – even before you step inside. Bold, racing-inspired looks, finest quality materials and a suite of visual enhancements put the MINI John Cooper Works in a league of its own. Plus, it’s available in our exclusive Rebel Green, a modern take on the classic British racing car colour and a constant reminder of its legendary past.

MINI John Cooper Works side scuttles.


We’ve added a touch of exclusivity everywhere – and every time – you turn. The integrated white indicators house the side scuttles and flaunt the John Cooper Works badge on Piano Black with a Chili Red border.

MINI John Cooper Works Sport Seats.


Set in prime position close to the asphalt, the John Cooper Works sport seats are designed to give you full control of the incredible power beneath you. You will especially appreciate the extra lateral support when you are zipping around corners in true MINI go-kart style. With an integrated headrest, John Cooper Works badge and optional Leather/Dinamica upholstery, the John Cooper Works sport seats also have the exclusive look fitting a car of this distinction.

MINI John Cooper Works Head-Up Display.


The road is stretching out in front of you. The landscape is whizzing past. And the next exciting corner is coming up. Of course you don’t want to look away. And with the high contrast Head-Up Display now you don’t have to. All the information you need is always right in front of you and clearly visible: speed, your current gear, the best moment to change up or down and even a rev display.

The MINI John Cooper Works 6-speed manual transmission.


We haven’t forgotten our legendary roots. You can see this in details like the classic sport’s car gear knob with its aluminium sleeve, red gear labels and stitching. Plus, the 6-speed manual transmission has the lightening reactions you want from a car of this calibre when you take it through its paces.

The MINI John Cooper Works Leather Steering Wheel.


Easy on the eye and even easier on the hand, our branded John Cooper Works sports steering wheel is crafted from perforated leather with Chili Red stitching. We’ve equipped it with integrated multifunction controls including dynamic cruise control. And shaped thumb rests give you the perfect grip so you can take the corners like a pro and stay steady on the homestretch.

The MINI John Cooper Works Door Sills with John Cooper Works logo.


You can see the John Cooper Works’ commitment to excellence in every detail. Even the door sills have a refined look with an integrated John Cooper Works logo and chequered flag design elements to welcome you as you step inside. And to hint at the thrills to come.

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Even the Instrument Cluster has a unique John Cooper Works look. The bold red and black colour scheme is the perfect back drop for making the engine roar and the needles climb higher and higher. Chequered flags adorn the speedometer from 200 km/h reminding you of what John Cooper Works is capable of. And of course, everything is placed directly in your line of sight so that instead of distracting from your driving experience, it adds to it.


Get a taste of what it feels like to be in pole position. Motorsport-inspired design, exclusive fittings and an irresistible urge to race around the track await you. Experience the full 360° view inside all our John Cooper Works models.


Different strengths but all with awe-inspiring power under the bonnet and the same proud legacy. Find the MINI John Cooper Works model that is made for you.

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  • Sophisticated design
  • Split doors at the rear
  • ALL4 all-wheel-drive
  • Spacious and practical
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  • Built for the adventurer
  • ALL4 off-road capabilities
  • Versatile space
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