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MINI Convertible open top profile


The MINI Convertible is back with a thirst for more thrills. With a sleeker design, go-kart handling and smart technology, it’s ready for next-level open-air adventure.

MINI Convertible front-diagonal profile


When it’s nice out, why wait to take it all in? Quick and quiet, the new electrical hood mechanism means you can get a full view in just 20 seconds – even when you’re driving. It’s also a full soft top that keeps its options open; especially now you can opt for the MINI Yours Union Jack design. A 3-in-1 convertible roof, it can be up, down or used as sunroof, opening a gap of around 40 cm to let in the breeze.

MINI Convertible front profile
MINI Convertible side profile


Adventurers are always prepared for anything. That’s why safety comes first in the MINI Convertible. A new invisible rollover crash system is the latest addition to an array of features that protect you and your fellow passengers. Letting you focus on seizing the moment.

MINI Convertible rain warner app.

rain warner.

Drenched is never a good look. Stay ahead of the storm with the new Rain Warner feature, which is part of MINI Connected XL Journey Mate. It’s the smartest kind of weather-proofing.

MINI Convertible logo projection

logo projection.

Every hero has one. The MINI logo projection option, displays a beam of light from the driver side mirror, to greet you as you enter the car. Think of it as your rallying call to action.

MINI Convertible MINI Connected XL Journey Mate

always open timer.

How do you measure good times? With the optional Always Open Timer of your MINI Convertible, that’s how. It displays the amount of time driven with the roof down, so it’s essentially your feel-good-o-meter.

MINI Convertible rollover protection


The new invisible rollover protection system in the rear belt outlet, disguised by elegant Matt Black caps, opens within a fraction of a second in an emergency to protect passengers. It’s a hidden lifesaver.

MINI Convertible silhoutte


The Active Pedestrian Protection system reduces injury to pedestrians should you ever collide with someone on the street. Upon impact the bonnet lifts up, minimising the pedestrian’s injuries.

MINI Convertible open-boot rear profile


Cutting-edge technology meets MINI spirit: this is the sociable sidekick to your driving adventures. The optional MINI Connected pack links you up to social feeds, online music, driving information, in-car apps and much more.

MINI Convertible mini connected display

mini connected xl journey mate.

A trip planner, travel guide and calendar rolled into one, Journey Mate assists you every step of your trip. Plan your journey from the calm and comfort of your home, and get all the information you need when you’re on the road – like traffic, weather, parking and more.

MINI Convertible Driving Excitement display

make every drive a blast.

Driving Excitement gives you a raft of tools to keep the adrenaline pumping – it’s the perfect companion to MINI’s famous go-kart handling. Get analysis of your driving conditions and see the forces you create as you trail blaze towards your next adventure.

MINI Convertible mini connected display, online search

let's start a journey.

So you’re off somewhere – it could be anywhere. You could get mid-journey, and realise you’re starving. Perhaps you’ve forgotten to buy someone a present, or you and a mate suddenly decide to hit the cinema. No sweat. With Online Search, you can find anything from the comfort of your MINI.

MINI Convertible mini connected display

music. unlimited sounds.

The music never stops in a MINI. Hook up to your playlists on your smartphone, discover new music via leading MINI Connected ready apps like Spotify, Deezer or Amazon Music, and listen to thousands of global radio stations with TuneIn Radio.

Design in detail.

Take a closer look at the MINI Convertible. Touching permitted…

MINI Convertible side profile

streamlined agility.

There’s no doubt about it – the MINI Convertible is a smooth operator. Slightly longer yet agile proportions create a more streamlined silhouette that’s accentuated by a precisely defined roofline. It’s sleek all round.

MINI Convertible Union Jack roof, front-diagonal view

a design first.

It’s a roof unlike any other. Introducing the industry’s first soft-top design: MINI Yours Union Jack. The iconic British flag woven into the fabric is optional in the MINI Convertible. Turning heads whether it’s flying up or down.

MINI Convertible front-diagonal profile


Other convertibles can’t compete with such a view. The MINI Convertible’s steeply raked windscreen doesn’t tower above you, creating a large airy space and the feeling of driving under the open sky.

MINI Convertible available colours

body colours.

Choose from a wide variety of MINI specific colours. Alongside the standard colour Moonwalk Grey we offer twelve optional colours: Pepper White, Volcanic Orange, Blazing Red, Midnight Black, British Racing Green, Deep Blue, Thunder Grey, Melting Silver, White Silver, Electric Blue, Caribbean Aqua and Chili Red, and the very deep and highly pigmented special colour MINI Yours Lapisluxury Blue.

MINI Convertible rear profile

nice backside.

From behind, the MINI Convertible has a dynamic and polished presence. Taillights are further apart with a sleek Chrome surround, and the Cooper S models, features not one, but two tailpipes. At least those trying to catch you up will get a great view.

MINI Convertible 18" Cup Spoke 2-Tone wheels

front or back. comfort awaits.

Comfort awaits in the MINI Convertible – even in the back. The redesigned rear seat creates a lounge-like atmosphere with the perks of practicality. While in the front, body-hugging sport seats come as standard.

sports wheels.

Like your MINI with a sporty spin? Choose the new optinal 17" Propeller Spoke 2-Tone light alloy wheels.

the inside story : the way you like it.

When the MINI Convertible soft-top is down, you only need one look to check out both the exterior and interior.To make sure they complement each other, choose carefully from the wealth of interior customization option available. The colours and features of the LED ring around the MINI centre Instrument add the finishing touch to your chosen combination of interior surfaces, upholstery and Colour Lines. The LED ring will either emit user-specified Ambient Lighting or a range of colours linked to functions such as the rev counter or MINI Driving Modes.

MINI Convertible


MINI Convertible
g/km CO2 disclaimer
km/l disclaimer
s 0-62 mph (0-100 km) disclaimer
Cooper S
192 (141)
16,6, 16.6, 16.6


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