Map Update
THB 1,150.00
Map Update

Map Update

No more detours and wrong turns. With Map Update, your navigation maps are and remain constantly updated.
1 year
THB 1,150.00
(incl. TAX)
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What does Map Update offer?

  • The map content is always the latest information.
  • With Automatic Map Update, you can download your navigation maps over-the-air.
  • With the USB Map Update you can update the map material for an entire region.
With the Map Update, having the wrong route information is a thing of the past, because it has two ways of keeping the map information in your navigation system updated. The automatic map update ensures that the map details are kept updated in your home country. With the USB map update, you can manually download an entire region. So even when you are abroad, you will always have the latest map information at your fingertips.


No matter where you are travelling or the route you have chosen,
with Map Update, you can always be sure that your route will take you directly to your destination without unnecessary detours.
It includes two options to keep your map material up-to-date in your home country and abroad. How quickly do routes change or road works pop up repeatedly on your way to the office? The latest changes and adjustments are continuously made to the existing map data via Automatic Map Update, which is downloaded over-the-air via the SIM card integrated in the vehicle. You won't have to experience any more nasty surprises on the road. However, it is necessary to completely update the map data for a region from time to time, and this is exactly what is possible using the USB Map Update. This ensures that your route information is fully up to date. Simply download the latest road maps from your computer to a USB stick with at least 32 GB storage capacity in the My MINI customer portal . Subsequently you connect it to your vehicle. Updating is simple and works on the Plug & Play principle. All you have to do is confirm the installation. The new map data is reloaded in the background during the journey.

How it works

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