MINI Online
THB 570.00
MINI Online

MINI Online

With MINI Online you are not dependent on your smartphone thanks to the SIM card integrated into the car itself, and can have all your route information displayed during your journey.
1 year
THB 570.00
(incl. TAX)
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  • Up-to-date information at the touch of a button, such as news and weather.
  • The most direct route to the nearest petrol station, emergency pharmacy and many other services.
  • It can also be used abroad at no extra cost using the integrated SIM card.
MINI Online always gets you to your destination safely and well-informed. The web-based mobility services inform you quickly and conveniently about the latest news while you are on the road. No matter where you are: get information about the weather, directions, nearest filling stations, news and much more directly and quickly in your MINI.


  • Worldwide internet connection at any time
  • No separate data roaming necessary
  • Can be used at home and abroad
What will the weather be like? What sights can I see at my destination? Where is the nearest emergency pharmacy? You are sure to find interesting and relevant information for everyone while driving. MINI Online makes networking with the outside world even more convenient. It connects many services allowing you to reach your destination quickly and easily– making you more mobile and informed than ever before.
For example, MINI News always keeps you up-to-date with the latest news. You can also view the weather– even via voice commands– from any location with an exact weather radar. Discover the diversity!

How it works

MINI Online is easily controlled and used via the MINI controller. Depending on the equipment, the touch panel or voice control can also be used. The desired content is displayed in a browser on the control display. Thanks to the read-aloud function, you can enjoy the benefits of the web-based services safely and comfortably even while driving. The current MINI Online portfolio includes: News, weather, rain radar, country information and, depending on the vehicle equipment, online search as well as parking and fuel price information.

The scope of MINI Online offers may vary depending on your vehicle model, country, and your vehicle’s year of manufacture. To check the availability of MINI Online, please log in using your vehicle information.