Real Time Traffic Information
THB 1,900.00
Real Time Traffic Information

Real Time Traffic Information

Real Time Traffic Information informs you about the current traffic situation in real time, warns you of traffic jams and, if necessary, redirects you quickly.
Note: Depending on your vehicle, the service may already be included as part of a package. Please check the contents of your package to avoid double-bookings.
1 year
THB 1,900.00
(incl. TAX)
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What is Real Time Traffic Information?

  • This keeps you informed about current traffic in real time
  • If there is any congestion or delay, you are provided with detours that save you time
  • Potential alternative routes are shown before you need them
Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) tells you about current traffic in real time and with a precision to within 100m. This keeps you informed about the traffic on your planned route at all times. Real Time Traffic Information reacts early and shows you which delays to expect while providing detour recommendations. Like traffic alerts, this system suggests potential alternative routes for traffic jams and blocked roads.


  • Traffic information in real time
  • Time-saving detours
  • Many alternative routes
Whether its holiday gridlock, rush hour, or roadworks, it doesn't matter how much traffic there is, your MINI knows the fastest and most efficient way to your destination, ensuring you a pleasant ride. With MINI Real Time Traffic Information, you have access to up-to-date and precise traffic information – a true MINI traffic monitor. This helps you keep an eye on traffic and spend your time with family and friends, or at your favourite places.
Real Time Traffic Information shows what traffic is like in real time. Whether there is congestion, blocked roads, or a delay on your route, your MINI traffic monitor instantly evaluates the traffic situation and recommends detours. Like your very own traffic scout, your MINI is always there for you with the information you need. Potential alternative routes are calculated before you need them, enabling you to easily get around any obstacle.


How Real Time Traffic Information works exactly: Real Time Traffic Information provides you with the latest traffic information at all times. Police reports, movement profiles from the mobile network, smartphone apps or GPS data from vehicle fleets serve as data sources for the MINI traffic monitor.
The data evaluation works so precisely that traffic jams can be pinpointed in real time to within 100 metres. In this way, Real Time Traffic Information shows you what traffic is currently like on motorways, highways, rural roads as well as on many other city streets. This enables the system to recommend efficient detours.

How it works

  • Current traffic information is requested using what is called floating car data. In this case, every MINI Connected-capable MINI is a mobile traffic monitor (floating car).
  • In a completely anonymous manner, individual position and sensor data containing current information is transmitted to MINI and the service provider