Remote Services
THB 1,300.00
Remote Services

Remote Services

Benefit from the full potential of the MINI App. Remote Services gives you remote access to your MINI. As easy as pie via smartphone.
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THB 1,300.00
(incl. TAX)
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  • You also have access to your vehicle, even when you're far away from it.
  • Lock or unlock the vehicle doors wherever you may be.
  • Send destinations to your navigation system.

Have I locked my car? Remote Services let you check from anywhere and lock your car if you forgot to earlier. Use the MINI App on your smartphone to connect remotely to your MINI and control its functions such as the car's interior ventilation system or the headlight flasher to help find your car in congested parking spaces.​


You are looking for your vehicle in a car park? Remote Services makes it easy to locate your vehicle with the ability to flash the lights and to control the doors remotely. And all this via your smartphone and the MINI App.

This means that you have access to your vehicle at any time, as with a remote control, and can control numerous functions with it. Unsure where you parked in a foreign city? Then you can see the exact location of your MINI on a map. Do you want to avoid ice scraping in winter and get into a pre-air-conditioned vehicle in summer? Then you control from home from stand ventilation or parking heating.

Your next destination can be easily sent to your navigation system with Remote Services to start your destination as soon as you get started.

Remote Services also gives you insight at any time about the engine oil level, tyre pressure, the status of doors, windows and trunk, and when your next service appointment is due. You can also enable Remote Services from the MINI Call Center.


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